Apple devices are among the most intuitive, engaging, and powerful tools for business. Guaranteed to provide your workforce with innovative and reliable hardware, software and services. Whatever platform your employees prefer, Apple's products keep your business on the move and ahead of the competition. iOS has a built-in management framework that’s both powerful and scalable, making it easy for IT to manage corporate data. And employees still have the freedom and flexibility to use their iOS devices the way they expect — enabling productivity for all.

iOS removes the need for containers and dual workspaces that frustrate users and hinder productivity. The native management framework provided in iOS effortlessly manages data flow between apps. Per-app VPN ensures separate network pathways for personal and corporate data, while managed open-in prevents corporate attachments from being saved to personal apps or cloud services. From a user’s perspective, it’s seamless. And because corporate accounts, apps and content installed via MDM can be managed by iOS, IT has the ability to remove or upgrade them without impacting personal data.

IT can empower every line of business to be even more productive by giving employees the apps they need. The Volume Purchase Programme (VPP) makes it easy to find, buy and distribute or assign apps from the App Store to your users. With iOS 10, businesses can now assign and distribute apps directly to devices without the need for an Apple ID. And VPP apps can be assigned to users or devices in any country where the app is available.

The Device Enrollment Program (DEP) provides a fast, streamlined way to deploy your corporate-owned Mac or iOS devices, whether purchased directly from Apple or through participating Apple Authorized Resellers. Deployment of corporate-owned devices is no longer a manual configuration process, and users get fully setup right out of the box.

With the DEP Program, large-scale deployments of iPad, iPhone, and Mac are seamless. Automate mobile device management (MDM) enrollment for every device, so that when activated, they are immediately configured with account settings, apps, and access to corporate services over the air. There’s no need for staging services, and no need for IT to physically access each device to complete setup.

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