Mobile VPN

NetMotion Mobility is an intelligent solution that not only secures connections and data, but enhances and optimizes network connectivity to ensure business-critical applications are always accessible. It is the component of NetMotion’s Mobile Performance Management solution that accelerates, optimizes and secures all mobile device traffic supporting any network, application or operating system.

Transform Mobile Access

Conventional VPNs were designed for stationary devices with strong static connections—not the constant dead spots and network switchovers encountered by mobile workers or the constant switching between 3G/4G and WiFI networks for access.

When conventional VPNs encounter such issues, their network tunnel is interrupted, leading to application disconnects, session timeouts, device crashes and the necessity to constantly re-connect the VPN. All of which frustrate users and prevent them from getting work done. To keep technology from interfering in your employees’ workdays, we offer a VPN solution that’s purpose built for mobile IT.

NetMotion Mobility transforms mobile access for both mobile users and the IT support team entrusted to manage and support them. Mobility insulates applications from the instabilities in networks enabling them to roam seamlessly between Wi-Fi and mobile operator network without user intervention delivering a resilient, “always-on” connectivity experience.

NetMotion software also adds a layer of intelligence that is situationally-aware of the connections, devices and applications that a worker is using at any moment. It adjusts for the ever-changing network conditions to ensure mobile workers always get the best use experience from their mobile devices and applications.

  • True Application Persistence: The ability to sustain application sessions through suspend-and-resume cycles, connectivity losses and network switchovers
  • Standards-Based Security: Support for two-factor authentication, device authentication, FIPS 140-2 AES encryption, NSA Suite B encryption and the ability to quarantine remote devices
  • Centralized Management Console: A browser-based console that provides visibility into connected devices and detailed reporting
  • Wireless Performance Optimization: The ability to automatically reduce network consumption and improve throughput and application responsiveness, particularly over metered networks
  • Diagnostics: Capability to analyze every data hop to determine whether issues are caused by the device, network or applications, including portions that are in the cloud